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Sophisticated simplicity and modern elegance are the hallmarks of the Casamance brand’s timeless character.

Swathed in restraint and delicacy befitting of the great French brands of interior decoration, Casamance prints its designs with a beauty that crosses fashion and the ages.  The brand elevates contemporary interiors and adds warmth to the most authentic atmospheres. By moving away from repetitive, imitative trends, it accepts the challenge to reinvent tomorrow’s classics.

Its creative core can be found in a more intuitive daily life, a sense of time interspersed with special moments; between the brand and yourself, between yourself and others.

Take time to leaf through an art book, visit an exhibition, savour a dinner or a cocktail amongst friends, Casamance offers a backdrop for these abiding moments.  The brand awakes aesthetic emotions in us; captures the spirit of shared or rediscovered moments, then transcends them, creating very special ambiances.

Its collections of fabrics, wallpaper and wallcoverings are illustrated through colourful ranges that have been crafted with incredible refinement.

Through its choice of colours, Casamance’s true style is revealed, from which a special alchemy emerges. Through the variety of patterns and rhythmic stripes, its selections add depth to the brand’s natural materials and true colour expertise.


  • Reorganization of our showroom in Paris – 13 rue du Mail, 75 002 Paris.
  • Casamance dresses the artists of the Paris Opera (fabrics Gabrielle and Sateen).
  • The 2017 collections are dedicated to those who dare and offer innovative fabrics, exclusive printing techniques, daring patterns in a unique color palette.



  • Launch of Misia’s Mémoires Mahales wallcovering
  • Our Charivari fabric showcased at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour for Focus/16
  • The Craft collection of wallcoverings is the first Casamance collection produced using straw.  It gracefully blends the centuries-old know-how of traditional weaving and the modern technique of digital printing.




  • Casamance, 15 years of French elegance
  • Three showrooms opened in Paris, Brussels and London
  • Cultural patronage between CASAMANCE and the Centre for National monuments for the Villa Cavrois


A year packed full of projects

  • Creation of the MISIA brand, the Group’s high-end segment
  • Creation of CASAMANCE‘s creative capsule with 40 XXL panoramic murals: Oxymore 1 Collection
  • Launch of the first collections of trimmings: all the elegance of CASAMANCE in two collections: Islington and Isfahan
  • CASAMANCE gets involved in the Mama Shelter adventure in Bordeaux, with the Riva fabric





Launch of the Cala Rossa Indoor & Outdoor collection.


Image 2868


Launch of the first CASAMANCE wallcovering collection : Parallèle. A collection that blends the know-how of working with a laminated linen combined with an original colour scheme.




Launch of Little Friends, the first children collection.


Launch of the US subsidiary. CASAMANCE operates in thirteen states.


Launch of the CAMENGO brand, fabrics and wallpapers.




Creation of the Casamance brand with the aim of offering professional interior decoration  fabric and wallpaper collections in an elegant, timeless style.




Creation of three brands

Casamance Group now includes three brands, which it has created, developed, and brought to maturity over its 15 years of existence.  Each of these three brands is independent and has its own territory, community and history:

Since its launch in 2004, the CAMENGO brand treads the subtle line between authenticity and modernity. Dynamic, creative and opened to the world, it integrates into charming interiors to create the soft colourful rhythms, inspired by nature and of fresh and luminous colours.

Since the Group was established in 2000, the CASAMANCE brand creates timeless designs to transform stylish interiors, reinventing the classics of tomorrow. The alchemy of its colours adorns its architectural spaces revealing a uniquely French elegance.

Created in 2014, MISIA is a high-end and seductive brand which plays with the codes of luxury. Intent on rediscovering the freedom, audacity and glamour of the Roaring Twenties, the brand captures the spirit of this crazy decade, then gives it a thoroughly modern makeover. MISIA accommodates the beauties of yesterday, today and tomorrow : Innovative and daring.

4,000 fabrics and 1,000 wallpapers and wallcoverings

The 4,000 fabrics and 1,000 wallpapers and wallcoverings that create the collections offer individuals, professionals and decorators, a wide choice, in keeping with the different French and international interior decoration styles.   As the heir to the French codes of refinements, the Casamance Group possesses an extensive know-how in producing materials, textures and new ideas, which is why its products are now sold in more than 100 countries.

The House of Casamance is wide open…

… open to the world, cultures, the past and the future, to what creates today’s aesthetics. With its three brands, Camengo, Casamance and Misa, the Group observes, listens and designs collections that champion the values of openness and pleasure.  The pleasure of being unique. The pleasure of being in step with its time. The pleasure of working, and growing together. And because the joy of being at home, and living, entertaining, and relaxing in your home is a real necessity, the Casamance group creates interiors that make the world a more beautiful, refined and elegant place.

Each brand has a separate design studio, with stylists, colourists and graphic designers who invest all their passion to design collections to constantly reinvent interior design.   A renewed and connected creativity in today’s world.

Walk through the doors of the Casamance Group.  You will always be very welcome!
The design team

The Casamance style team includes colourists and stylists, many of whom have been with the brand since it began. These men and women, who, in truth, are the heart and soul of Casamance, have brought all their sensitivity and passion to bear in creating a sense of wellbeing, that requires a perfect harmony in graphics and colours.

Our different departments

Fabrics, wallpapers, trimmings and wallcoverings: since the launch of Casamance, its four areas of expertise revolve around one single image, espoused by the timeless elegance of the brand. Above all, the departments are built around the same product consistency and each year, stylistic trimmings are created which coordinate elegantly with the product ranges and create harmony and resonance within the collections.

Born from the desire to create modern, elegant collections, Casamance also provides support for hospitality and interior design professionals.

Specific collections for these sectors are developed each year.  The most exclusive, timeless plain designs are worked in accordance with standards that are indispensable for this type of use.

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