This is a timeless universe. The collection evolves in an elegant interior where natural material; wood, mother of pearl and metals are worked with attention to detail..
Two textures have been developed : the first , like hon,eycomb, comes from a fabric design developped in the Utopie collection. It is carried by amottled plain.. The second, more « brand », comes from the fabric collection Hôtel Particulier. This sophisticated texture is eaither pearlescent or underlined with a subltle shine.

Two designs carry the collection: between organics and minerals, they seem to be eternal.
The colours, deliberately muted,increases this impression.
To accentuate the timesless nature of the collection, all the colour palette has beeb worked from natural shades which can be found in mother of pearl, pearl and marble .

In this collection you will find powder beige, sea blues and greens, cloudy greys and incandescent reds.

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