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Collection COSTA VERDE

Inspired by the tropical rainforests of South America.  We find the luxuriant forest in an embroidered foliage (Maranta), the reflection of the sky in the satin of a jacquard (Manu), the touch of the breeze in a linen voile (Otorongo), the bark of a tree in the extravagant texture (Lupuna, Métissage), the softness of a leaf in the elegance of a velvet (Pilea).


An extremely refined ornamental collection, inspired by one of the most prestigious avenues in Paris.  Subtly iridescent, embellished with sophisticated textures and delicate finishing touches, the fabrics compete for elegance.  Alternating shiny and matte finishes bring the radiance of the City of Light to this collection.

ESSENTIELS Collection 

“Casamance Essentiels” borrows from the textures of silk and linen to dress your walls with delicate elegance.  The suggestion of knots enhances the smooth and wild side of the material and accentuate the tactile dimension.  Natural or more sophisticated, with shimmering shades and satin shine.   

These collections suit classic or modern ambiances and are timeless.  Quite simply essential.

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