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Relive the highlights of Paris Déco Off 2024

For this 2024 Spring-Summer season, The Casamance collections explore the richness of textures and are ablaze with shimmering colours. They are inspired by the enchanting landscapes of Central America and precious geometric patterns revealed by the light. Casamance expresses these in innovative designs for fabrics and wall coverings. Sophisticated velvets, iridescent voiles or embroidered sisals: a whole universe takes shape.

For Paris Déco Off, the brand is bringing all the exuberance, diversity and vitality of this fascinating region to its ephemeral showroom at 28 rue Bonaparte, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Emotional architecture in the Latin American universe is a living celebration of the culture, history and vibrant soul of this part of the world. It manifests itself through pure forms and exuberant colour, creating an unforgettable visual and emotional experience. When you look at the Casamance displays, the essence of this emotional architecture is revealed. 




The PICO BONITO drapery, reminiscent of a theatrical curtain, invites visitors to come and discover the wealth of the new collections. The annual theme of the event, "The Tree of Life", takes root at the heart of the showroom, reviving the vibrant aesthetics of Latin America. The fabrics on display in this environment are much more than just materials. They reflect a rich and complex history, steeped in centuries-old traditions and the varied influences of indigenous and European cultures.



Dedicated to the presentation of new collections of wall coverings, the "emotional screens" area reflects the world of design in which Casamance develops its unique products, where creativity comes to life behind the screen of art and material. A place where craftsmanship, innovation and inspiration meet. Here, giant samples become jigsaw pieces, elements that allow architects and designers to compose their architectural murals according to their desires and emotions. Wrapped in HIKARI and ADACHI wallcoverings, the space opens the way to the imagination, inviting you to take a journey to new horizons.






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