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The poetic collaboration between Casamance and the Villa Noailles

A venue of contemporary art of national interest, the Villa Noailles, recently celebrated the centenary of the architecture of this major cultural venue in Hyères. As part of its exclusive programme, Casamance has contributed to the scenography of the latest exhibitions, « Les Nuits D'Eté » , imagined by Pierre Yovanovitch, as well as « Marie-Laure de Noailles peintre » on show until 5 May 2024.

As part of the celebrations to mark the centenary of the Villa Noailles, the Lerins voiles from the Esterel collection blends harmoniously into the scenography of the « Marie-Laure de Noailles peintre » exhibition. Initially selected by Pierre Yovanovtich for his installation « Les Nuits D'Eté » , to mark the 100th anniversary of the Villa, the Lerins voiles have returned to the familiar architecture of this cultural landmark for this new exhibition.


With their soft woolly feel and their interplay of weaves and wefts, the Lerins voiles capture the viewer's imagination, in the same way as the artist's surrealist works. Inspired by the islands off Cannes of the same name, these sheers, with their generous width and soft woollen effect, create a subtle echo of the Viscountess's works, captivating with their natural beauty.



For his scenography, renowned interior architect Pierre Yovanovitch was asked, in response to a current commission from its founders Marie-Laure and Charles de Noailles, to reinvent their famous summer residence by incorporating influences from the twentieth century and the contemporary world. Mixing contemporary touches with period elements, notably furniture from the de Noailles couple's personal collection, Pierre Yovanovitch completely redesigned the famous residence.



The new « Marie-Laure de Noailles peintre » exhibition now reveals a lesser-known aspect of the life of the Villa's founder. Marie-Laure de Noailles, a famous patron of the arts and a muse, fashion icon, socialite, writer and poet with an eccentric personality, defied convention with a natural charm all her own. Bringing together 59 of the artist's paintings and lithographs, as well as original documents such as scrapbooks, invitations, programmes and newspaper articles, this exhibition offers a unique insight into the life and work of Marie-Laure de Noailles.


© Luc Bertrand - Paolo Abate - Camille Lemonnier



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