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Wallcovering CASAMANCE
Rolls of 138 inches x 1 yard
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Wallcovering CASAMANCE
An endemic species of the Faroe Islands, it also bears the poetic name of « mantle of Notre-Dame»  because it surprisingly retains raindrops. This ground covering plant, as soft to the touch as it is to the eye, inspires this semi-plain. In the weft, a mixed yarn of wool and linen undulates in random thicknesses, evoking the protection of a plant canopy. Just as the plant is one with the soil, ALCHEMILLA blends into the walls, spreading a feeling of softness that continues into the range of shades.

  • Commercial description Woven abstract design in wool and linen on non woven

  • Collection FÉROÉ

  • Reference 70960110

  • Colors Ivoire/sable

  • Composition 35 % co ; 24 % vi ; 16 % li ; 16 % wo ; 9 % pes

  • Width 138 cm / 54 Inches

  • Height Sold by meter

  • Weight in g/m² 520

  • Care Spongeable

  • Apply paste Paste the wall

  • Removal Peelable

  • Norme COV A+

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